Current Positions

All positions for the 2018 season have been filled, but see below for worker share opportunities.


Worker Share Positions

Worker shares are a vital part of our operation. They are not employees of the farm, but instead CSA members who work 3-5 hours per week in exchange for a free CSA share. See below for details.

If you find one that interests you, note that there is no need to fill out the application form above to apply. Just email to let us know which position(s) you would be interested in. Prior experience not required, but we do require a 90-minute "working interview" in the spring for in-field worker share positions to make sure you are a good fit for our farm. We will follow up to see materials for both the videographer and photographer positions. 

We are seeking a worker share to join our field team in early July and stay through late November. This person will join our crew on Mondays to primarily help harvest restaurant orders and do advanced harvest prep for CSA. In the late season, this person will help with farm clean up.

Other possible worker share tasks include seeding, transplanting, weeding, packaging for CSA, and/or other farm maintenance. Worker share commits to a 20 week season with us in exchange for weekly vegetables. Missing one or two weeks for vacation is no problem at all and will simply be added to end of the work schedule. Worker shares can decide between 3 hours per week for a weekly half share or 5 hours per week for a weekly full share.

Last Season Worker Share

We are seeking someone with experience in video creation to help us expand the culinary education available to our CSA members. We are hoping for twenty 1-minute videos demonstrating how to cut up certain vegetables (either working hand shots or full body are both fine) and five 3-minute videos describing how to break down a whole box quickly, create a simple meal or other content the videographer finds relevant. Payment will be a full, 20-week CSA share. Collaborative project done by a few people who would split the CSA share would also happily be considered.


  • Prior experience with video, preferably in a food setting
  • Chef or food blogger preferred, but not required

Food Education Videographer Worker Share

We are seeking a detail-oriented and enthusiastic individual to help manage all the day to day operations and small but important nuances of our growing farm. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn more about the ins and outs of owning a growing local food business, but doesn't have the time to drive to our farm weekly or the physical ability to work in the fields. Worker share will be asked to work at the farm occasionally (no more than once per month). Tasks will include individualized emails to CSA members in the spring, general bookkeeping in Quickbooks, updating spreadsheets, posting newsletter recipes to Pinterest and other important office tasks. 

Administrative Worker Share