Flower Bouquet CSA


Flower Bouquet CSA


Flower Bouquet CSA members will receive a bouquet of flowers every-other-week June 12th through September 18th for a total of eight deliveries. Bouquets are a colorful and vibrant mixture of artistically arranged flowers grown on the farm and native wildflowers.

This Flower Bouquet CSA is produced by a partner farm and distributed through our CSA.

Goat House Flowers is a newly formed flower farm nestled in the rolling hills just south of Madison, Wisconsin. They harvest small batch sustainable cut flowers and foliage, grown with love, and picked at the peak of perfection. You can learn more about their business below in the Grower Profile.

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Grower Profile: Goathouse Flowers

As a girl growing up in Omaha, Kelly Parks Snider spent a great deal of time with her mom in their garden. An avid gardener, Kelly’s mom taught her a lot about how to grow and care for many different types of flowers, and as a result, gardening and cultivating flowers has always been part of her life.

These days, she lives on a small farm in Dunn.  Kelly had kept horses, sheep, and chickens on her farm, but she realized she also wanted to grow things; to feel more grounded and connected to her farm and the land. With her knowledge for growing all kinds of beautiful blooms, starting a flower business made perfect sense. And so, in the summer of 2018, she started Goathouse Flowers.

The flowers she grows are a labor of love; with no greenhouse on her farm, she starts the majority of them from seed right in her living room, germinating nearly 2,000 plants in her home in early spring while the threat of frost still lingers outdoors. Sustainability and maintaining good soil health is very important to her, so she uses no chemicals in her farming. And she’s not afraid of a good challenge; some of her favorite flowers to grow are roses because getting them to grow well in Wisconsin isn’t always easy. The result of all of this hard work are beautiful, unique, locally grown bouquets.

Now about to begin their second season in the flower business, Goathouse Flowers will be creating bouquets for two different CSAs, local restaurants, caterers, and other businesses. In addition to planting things like zinnias, delphiniums, and lavender, Kelly is also trying out new seeds for other types of unique flowers that you don’t often see grown in Wisconsin. And besides all of the flowers she carefully cultivates, her farm has fields of wildflowers she adds to her bouquets.

Most importantly though, she loves seeing the happiness that a bouquet of flowers brings to others, and she strives to provide as many people as she can with her lovely farm-to-table flower arrangements.